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Listening Activities Index


In this section, you'll find interactive activities to help you practice understanding spoken English in a fun way.  I hope you'll like them. Do not hesitate to send me feedback about these language activities and also keep in mind that in this section, as in any other section at this site, you can  suggest new stuff any time you want through the mail box. Enjoy!!

Special note to teachers:
New activities will be added on a regular basis. However,  all contributions would be highly welcome.
I would also greatly appreciate your
feedback and comments
Thanks :-)

Beginner (6e): @ Intermediate (4e): @@@ Advanced (lycée)
Lower-intermediate (5e): @@ Upper intermediate (3e): @@@@

Notes: All exercises are linked together. You can either take them as a bunch or separately. Just use the navigation bar at the top of the pages to access previous (arrow pointing to the left) or next exercise (arrow pointing to the right).
Tous les exercices sont liés. Vous pouvez les faire en groupe ou séparément. Pour cela, utilisez la barre de navigation qui se trouve en haut des pages et cliquez sur la flêche de gauche pour revenir à l'exercice précédent ou sur la flêche de droite pour avancer à l'exercice suivant.

Listening Activity n° Topic Grammar content
  1 @@@ Thanksgiving Simple Past (regular/irregular)
  2 @  Asking for the time Conversations about time
  3 @@@@ Bullying Present simple / Gerund
  4 @@@ / @@@@ Local news Simple Past / Present perfect

  5 @@@@ / @@@@@

The Growth of a Nation Simple Past/ Passive voice
  6 British Council - all levels   Listen and Watch depends on topic
   7 BC - intermediate to advanced UK Culture depends on topic
  8 British Council - Elementary  Podcasts + activities depends on topic
  9 British Council - Advanced Environmental Protest Groups  
 10 British Council - Advanced Tobacco  
 11. Lingual.net 
 Level: beginner to advanced
Learning English Through Movies  
12. All levels - pronunciation Present Simple ending "s" (he, she, it) Present Simple

Lingual.Net: Learning English through movies. Subjects: music, documentary, comedy, celebrity, drama, animation, food, science and games. 




Thanks for your feedback about this section and any suggestion or 
comments you'd like to make!