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Some of the links listed in these pages may not be suitable for young children.



| Ghost Stories |  | Horror |  | Myths, Legends and Folklore |
| Science Fiction |  | Urban Legends |  

Ghost Stories

Halloween Ghost Stories What would Halloween be without a good scare! 

Halloween Online They created The Halloween Online Family of Web Sites as individual "how-to guides" to help make your Halloween celebration as fun and frightful as possible. Welcome to the Spooky World of Halloween Online!

A Yorkshire Ghost Story Ghost on the Line, an old ghost story from Barnsley SouthYorkshire.

A Cornish Ghost Story  The Tasks of Jan Tregeagle's Ghost, a ghost story from Cornwall.

The Shadowlands-Ghost and Haunting This site is an information-packed guide to real spirits, wraiths, ghouls and ghosts. Includes sound files, addresses of well-known haunted houses, and 100s of ghost stories submitted by haunted folk. 


Heavens Manor The Chamber of Horrors, Haunted Court Yard, Adopt your Own Demon, Halloween Treats, Spirits and many more terrors!
The Castle of Spirits Everything you want to know about Urban Legends, Classic Ghost Stories and the Unexplained. A scary site only for the bravest ones of you!
Horrorfind.com The directory and search engine dedicated to Horror, Halloween and Spooky subjects.


Myths, Legends and Folklore

Folklore, Myths and Legends Aesop's Fables, Fairy Tales and Stories by Hans Christian Andersen, Grimm's Fairy Tales and many, many more!

Weird Beasts (Cyclops, Minotaur, Hydra, Sphinx ...) 

The Lord of the Rings Video, music, screensavers and desktops themes from the film.
To view the site, the Macromedia Flash plug-in is required.

Kids Love A Mystery. Kids Mysteries, Contest, Activities, Lesson Plans... Voir aussi "Mysteries and Crime Stories (E.A Poe, Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie...) et "Online Mysteries".

The Case.com for kids: The same as Kids Love a Mystery but designed for younger children. Have a look at the history section for more fun.


  | Ghost Stories |  | Horror |  | Myths, Legends and Folklore |
| Science Fiction |  | Urban Legends |  

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